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The EMV Roadmap: Costly Chargebacks are Coming your way!

The EMV deadline has arrived; banks are issuing chip cards in the US to combat point-of-sale (POS) fraud. For businesses that sell both offline and online, there is a potential for increased fraud. Are you ready? Do you have what you need to protect your business and your customers?

To help make the current conversion from magnetic-strip technology to EMV/Chip Card easier, Alliance Card Group created a roadmap and timeline that will help guide you through  EMV Steps.

In this report, you’ll find EMV historical data, as well as:

  • pitfalls for eCommerce/Online and MOTO merchants
  • what online businesses can expect now that EMV is here
  • how online merchants can protect themselves from online fraudsters ... and more!

To get started, fill out the form for your free report, The EMV Roadmap for Card Not Present Merchants: Your Guide to Fraud Prevention.