Alliance Card Group provides superior service by educating merchants about the terminology used and sharing with them different tools available in the world of credit card processing.

One of the many tools is the Interchange rates or the true cost that all banks and credit card processing companies pay for cost. Most providers use the term “interchange” when discussing rates with companies but many use their own version of the interchange rate structure.

They never share with those same companies that the true interchange rates from the associations(VISA and MasterCard) are posted online. This allows the bank or credit card processor to manipulate the rates so that they can make more profit thus charging more fees to the companies they are promising savings to.

Part of our full disclosure program is telling potential clients what the true cost is. Below you will find links to the associations published interchange rates. With this information you will be able to check what you are being told and compare that to the true interchange rates posted online.

If your current provider hasn’t shared these published rates with you yet, shame on them. It’s a great time to have a full disclosure company like Alliance Card Group, do a free evaluation for you. We are fantastic at finding hidden and padded fees and exposing them to you so that you can keep more profits instead.