Privacy Policy

Here at Alliance Card group we respect your privacy. Not only the privacy of our current customers but also that of our prospective and previous clients. We believe in treating our customers with the same respect that we would expect from or business associates. Our Privacy policy is designed to show the world that we do not believe in misusing the information we receive.

ALL INFORMATION RECEIVED IS STRICTLY USED TO PROVIDE SUPPORT AND SERVICES TO OUR CLIENTS. Here at Alliance Card Services we will never sell, trade or use your information in any way that goes beyond the scope of the services we provide. We use all aspects of technological protection to secure your information both on and off the computer.

ALL INFORMATION WE COLLECT WAS GIVEN TO US BY YOU. We will never seek outside sources to get information on or potential, current or former clients. We believe that it is your decision to give us the information that you feel is pertinent to the business arrangement. This includes company name, email address, telephone numbers, and personal names.

WE WILL NOT GIVE INFORMATION TO MARKETING COMPANIES. The only time we share information is when it is required. Again your personal privacy is of the utmost importance.
WE DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE. While you are browsing our website and learning more about merchant services we are not collecting your information. We do believe in using cookies but this is only to aggregate information to help us create and maintain a better service for you the consumer. We will never give out the aggregate information that is collected and again use it only to develop a better website to give the consumer the best information possible.
THIS PRIVACY POLICY IS ONLY FOR OUR SITE. You will find links to affiliates, vendors and other merchants who are helpful to connect with. They maintain their own privacy policies and should be contacted if you have issues with their sites. In addition we do not guarantee, endorse, or review any information, services, material, or products provided by the linked companies.
WORKING HARD TO PROTECT YOUR INFORMATION. We limit access to your information to only associates who need to review it in order to conduct business. We train our employees on how to use information and maintain its privacy. We also severely discipline any unstated use of private information, upto and including legal action.

This means we use this information to contact you to provide information on program details and pricing, begin and complete merchant initiated or authorized transactions, comply with Federal, State, and Local laws: including credit reporting laws and card association rules, fight fraud, and once in awhile send you updated information about Alliance Card Group or to just follow up with you.

Last but not least, Alliance Card Group reserves the right to change, modify, and update this information as needed.

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