National ATM Council Conference in Las Vegas

National ATM Council Conference in Las Vegas

The National ATM Council (NAC) will hold its annual conference November 18-20 in Las Vegas. The conference features an impressive cast of speakers, informative sessions, and useful workshops. Join me for “U.S. EMV Implementation for ATMs – the Road Ahead” on Wednesday, November 19 from 11-12:30. In this presentation, conference attendees will have an opportunity to hear from global payment network representatives and other industry leaders who are on the front lines of the U.S. EMV migration. Topics covered by representatives from MasterCard, Visa, and Paragon Application Systems will include:

  • EMV Basics
  • EMV Overview from Visa
  • EMV Update from MasterCard
  • EMV Chargeback clarification

Following the presentation, there will be a roundtable discussion about “EMV at the ATM” with a full panel of industry representatives. I encourage you to bring your EMV questions to the panel discussion portion of this important session. For more information, visit the NAC web site.

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