Why Visa Checkout

Help increase conversionhelp-increast-conversion

Visa Checkout’s single sign-on makes it even easier for customers to checkout, capturing sales that would otherwise be lost.

Support business growthsupport-small-business-growth

The Visa Checkout user base continues to draw new customers as more and more banks and merchants elect to participate.

Anytime, anywhereanytime-anywhere

Visa Checkout works on computers, tablets or smartphones–everywhere your customers need it.

Put customer experience firstput-customer-experience-first

Nine out of ten Visa Checkout customers say that they are likely to continue using the service, with 95 percent agreeing that sign-up was easy.

Source: Millward Brown Visa Checkout Customer Experience, March 2015, commissioned by Visa. Based on data from an online survey of 1,241 US consumers.

Merchant benefits

See how you can make the right choice for checkout.

Increase Conversionm-increase-conversion

Thanks to Visa Checkout’s more efficient checkout experience, enrolled customers completed 66% more transactions than with traditional checkout systems.

Source: comScore 2015 Visa Checkout Study, commissioned by Visa. Based on data from the comScore research panel of one million U.S. PC/laptop users, August-December 2014

Reduce fraudm-reduct-fraud

Visa Checkout is designed to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions, employing advanced tools such as device fingerprinting and step-up authentication.

Integrate more easilym-integrate-more-easily

Integration requires just a few HTML and JavaScript tags, with minimal front-end code changes and no changes to existing gateway accounts.


Benefits of accepting Visa

A reliable network 

VisaNet, the world’s largest electronic payments processing network, is capable of processing more than 56,000 transaction messages a second.1


Larger transactions 

While the average cash transaction is $17, credit card purchases average $70 while debit card purchases average $36.2


Efficiency and speed 

Transactions are typically settled in 24-72 hours.


Improve the customer experience 

As check usage continues to decline, card usage is on the rise, especially for younger customers.


Reach more consumers 

Consumers carry 2.3 billion Visa cards worldwide.3

The best way to reach them? Start accepting Visa.


1 Based on testing conducted in August 2014 with IBM.

2 Visa Payment Panel Study (2Q11 to 1Q12 time period); Visa MARS Data: March 2015 – May 2015

3 Figures are rounded, exclude Visa Europe and are as of December 31, 2014. Figures from the latest operational performance data.


Author: revisedcode