Alliance Card Group

Hello and Thank you for your interest in         ALLIANCE CARD GROUP


We are currently working hard to develop an informative and helpful website in order to establish relationships with our customers.

We strive to bring a level of honesty and integrity to the merchant services market, delivering competitive prices, informative instruction, and outstanding customer service.

We offer a complete array of products and services. They can be uniquely customized for the special needs of all sizes and types of merchants. Whether operating in a retail, hotel, restaurant, e-commerce or mail order/telephone order environment.

  • Prioritized 24/7 Customer Service.
  •  No Hidden Fees.
  • Full Visa/MasterCard Check Card Rebates.
  • A Straight Pass-Through from Visa/MasterCard on Surcharges and Interchange Reductions.
  • Premiere On-Line Reporting.
  • Discount Charged Monthly, Not Daily.
  • No Switching Costs. No Banking Changes.
  • Full Disclosure of all Processing Fees.
  • Easy to Understand Monthly Statements.
  • An Account Executive Permanently Assigned to you.
  • Processors will promise low discount rates, but the hidden costs and expensive surcharge categories like “Tiers”, “Non-Qualified”, etc. are in fact making the “low discount rate” meaningless.

As I mentioned, we eliminate the pain associated with accepting credit cards, increase your organization’s profits and reduce your credit card processing expense significantly.

We now offer companies a cash advance opportunity.

Have you been thinking about a new piece of equipment but not sure if you have the cash on hand for the purchase?  Maybe some advertising to bolster sales in this down economy.  Maybe you want to get caught up on some bills or maybe you just would like to have a little bit of extra cash on hand to get you thru the slow periods. Whatever you spend it on is your business. Most banks and lending institutions are in freeze mode based on the economy. our Business Development program invests in you. You can have up to 125% of your monthly credit card processing volume deposited in to your bank account in 7 to 10 business days. 24 hour approval in most cases.



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